Milk and Cookies

I have the privilege of having a summer job that I love. I get to nanny two little girls and we spend all day making fun memories. Last week, on our way home from the beach, a guy cut me off on the freeway. Driving in California is stressful because this happens ALL THE TIME. So naturally with the two kids in the back, I started talking about how frustrated I was at the guy for cutting me off. I kept going on about it for a couple of miles until finally the older girl said, "You know what we should do to make you feel better? We should make a cake and shove it in your face! That would probably help!” We all started laughing. In her own way she was telling me to suck it up and move on. We all need that reminder sometimes don't we? There are plenty of times when I'm mad or frustrated about something so much that I feel like holding onto that anger for longer then I should. The wonderful thing about kids is that they really put things into perspective. Yeah that guy cut me off but for all I know he was late to work, having a bad day or just plain didn't see me. Mistakes happen. Rather then dragging on about it, I could have just taken a deep breath and let it go. Although I considered going home and making a cake and letting the girls smash it in my face, we got some milk and cookies instead and I let it go. 

If you enjoyed this post, look out for my next one on Thursday morning: What Being An Aunt Means To Me.

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