What Being An Aunt Means To Me

Two of the most important and exciting days of my life were when my nieces were born. My first niece, Sofia, was born in March of my senior year of high school. I remember running all around that day showing pictures of her to anyone that would look and listen to me. I was SO excited. Both of my nieces live in Washington and I didn't get to meet Sofia until a few weeks after she was born. I facetimed her when she came home from the hospital and I bawled my eyes out. It' so hard to put in words what I was feeling but I just knew that because of this new little blessing, I was going to work to be a better person. I wanted to be the best role model that I could be for her so I worked hard in all aspects of my life to just be an all around "better" person. I still try to this day to be a person that both my sweet nieces can look up to. 

 These pictures are baby Sofia. 

My second niece, Brooklyn, came a few years later in September of my senior year of college. She was born in the evening and I remember being on my phone constantly that whole day waiting to get pictures. When I finally did get them, I bawled my eyes out. Just like with Sofia, I didn't get to meet Brooklynn right away but I remember holding her for the very first time and thinking she was so tiny. She did that cute little thing that babies do when they squeeze onto your fingers and I was immediately in love.  On the days that they were both born I thought I couldn't possibly love them more then I did in that moment. Oh how wrong I was. My love for them grows with each passing day. Watching them grow up is one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced. It's heartwarming watching them grow into little people that have such beautiful personalities but it's sad at the same time because I want them to stay this little forever! 

 These pictures are baby Brooklynn. 

I get pictures and videos from my sisters and we visit throughout the year but it never seems like enough. One of the main reasons I want to move to Washington is to be closer to these girls. I feel like I miss so much being long distance but the long distance has made me appreciate every single moment I get with them. I love watching all of their accomplishments like Sofia excelling in swim lessons and Brooklynn learning to walk (more like run) everywhere. But my favorite moment so far has been when they both gave me the name "Auntie Cole". Its such a privledge and honor to be called "Auntie Cole" and very few things have gotten me as excited as hearing them say that for the first time and seeing the recognition on their faces. 

I love being an aunt to these adorable little girls. My husband, Tanner, knows that the easiest way to cheer me up on a hard day is to just pull up a video of them doing adorable things. I love the morning snuggles I get from them and the goodbye kisses. I love how sweet and innocent they both are. I love spending hours playing games with them even though half the time I'm not sure what we're playing. I love listening to them sing made up songs and get excited about things that are so small. I love all of the little special moments we share together. Sofia is 4 and Brooklynn is about to be 2 in a few weeks and I can honestly say they are two of the biggest blessings in my life. I am so thankful that I get to be their Aunt and it is something that I am extremely proud of. They both already have such sparkling personalities and I cannot wait to see where life takes them. 



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  1. So sweet! My only niece is 14 months old and I'm obsessed. I hit crazy aunt level when she was 2 months old, she literally lights up my life.

  2. Right?! When they're old i'm going to be that embarrassing aunt that's obsessed with them ;)