5 Fun Fall Activities: Friday Favorites

For this edition of Friday Favorites, I decided to change it up! Instead of giving the usual 5 things that I love about the week, I've listed 5 activities that I love to do in fall. Check it out!

[one] Going On Walks
I absolutely love going on walks. I try to go on them multiple times a week. In the summer time, going on walks is just miserable because it's so hot that I'm sweating before I even leave the neighborhood. It's much nicer in the fall when the weather is cooler and the air is cripser. I use the time on my walks to either talk to my husband (if I've managed to drag him along with me;)) or to have some alone-time to organize my thoughts. I always feel much more relaxed and even more energized when I get back from my walks. 

[two] Baking New Recipes 
Who wants to bake in the summertime? NO ONE. It's already so hot outside, and turning on the oven, even if you do have air conditioning, is just miserable. Fall is the perfect time of year to try out new recipes. This fall, my husband and I have already made pumpkin bars, apple pie and pumpkin bread. I plan to continue to bake new things for the remainder of this beautiful fall season. I have found some really great recipes that I can't wait to try! 

[three] Camping 
It's the perfect time of year to camp because the weather has cooled down but its not so cold that they nights are miserable. I love getting to spend time in the outdoors with the crisp autumn air and watching the beautiful colorful leaves fall off the trees. An added benefit to camping in fall is that not many people do it. Most people prefer to camp in the summer when they have more time to go. This makes the campsites way less crowded so you get more privacy. Tanner and I just went camping a few weeks ago and we're going again this weekend because of how much we enjoyed ourselves. 

[four] Hiking
Fall is the time of year when I like to explore and find new hikes in the area. I love getting outside and getting some exercise while the weather is nice. In the winter it can sometimes be too cold to hike, and in the summer you have to wake up super early to beat the heat. Fall is the happy-medium. 

[five] Reading in the hammock.
Over summer, for my husbands birthday I bought him a hammock. Just recently, with the cooler weather we've been taken to reading in the hammock. It's so comfortable and peaceful. I take any chance I can get to be outside this time of year when the weather is so nice. If you don't have trees in your backyard to attach a hammock to, you can do what I did and purchase one that comes with the stand! (See the exact one I purchased below). It's well worth the money. Tanner and I have had some great evenings just relaxing and reading in the crisp fall air.

What activities do you like to do in fall? 


  1. Love going for a nice long walk! Especially when all the leaves are this pretty!
    xo Jessica

  2. I want to go camping soon-the weather is perfect!

  3. Great tips! I want to go camping but feel like my kids are too young for this.

    One Awesome Momma

  4. Camping and hiking are my all time favorite things any time of the year, but especially during Fall!! Bring on the camp fires!!

  5. I LOVE going on walks in autumn! The weather is so perfect for them.

  6. I'm with you Walks in Autumn are the best especially if you find piles of leaves to crunch through the best!

  7. I love getting back into baking in the fall. Another great thing about the cooler weather is that I start taking bubble baths again! It's such a great way to relax but the summer is way too hot for it.

  8. I agree that walks are so much better when it's Fall. Here in TX the weather is still in the high 80's to low 90's. I can not wait for it to get cooler. I have not been camping in years. When I went it was so cold but I had a lot of fun!

  9. These are all great ideas! I think encouraging others to spend time outdoors this season is incredibly important. This is truly the best season!

  10. Love all five of these especially walking, because this time of year the scenery is beautiful!

  11. I've never done number five but the first four I love as well especially hiking❤