4 Ways To Make The Most Of This 3 Day Weekend

1. Appreciate the Reason Behind the 3 Day Weekend
This weekend, most people have a 3 day weekend for Veterans Day. It's important to take a minute and appreciate why we have Friday off. In this case, its because its a way to say thank you to our veterans who have served in the military. 

2. Get Chores Done First!
This is crucial to having the best 3 day weekend possible. If you don't get chores done first then you are bound to have it weighing on you at some point throughout the weekend. I always start my weekend by cleaning our condo, doing laundry and going grocery shopping. It's so nice to get everything completed on my to do list right away. After I get the chores done, I know the rest of the weekend will be stress-free. 

Marine Corps Ball 2016

Well... That's a wrap! Saturday was my last time ever attending a Marine Corps Ball. If you aren't familiar with Marine traditions, each year the Marine Corps holds a ball in celebration of the day they became a branch of the military. This year was their 241st birthday. 

I have been to three different Marine Corps Ball. The first year, Tanner was stationed in Twentynine Palms for training so the ball was held in Palm Springs (about an hour away). It was held at a beautiful resort and we had a blast. I can't believe how young we were! 
2013 Marine Corps Ball
The second year, Tanner was stationed at Miramar so it was held in downtown San Diego at a fancy hotel. We had a room on one of the top floors in the hotel and had a beautiful view of the city. 
 2014 Marine Corps Ball 
Last year, we didn't attend the ball because Tanner had just gotten back from deployment so he was on his post-deployment leave. That brings us to.. this years ball. Tanner is still stationed at Miramar, and this time it was held at a resort in Carlsbad. One of my favorite parts about the Marine Corp Birthday Balls is that they are usually held at resorts and hotels and the venues offer discounted rooms for the military! I love getting to stay the night at the venues and not having to worry about driving back the night of the ball. 

6 Tips for Writing Substitute Teacher Lesson Plans

As most of you know, for just over a year I have been a substitute teacher. In this past year, I've seen many different versions of lesson plans written for substitutes. I thought it was finally time that I put together a list of tips for writing substitute lesson plans. Think about these things the next time you go to write a lesson plan for a substitute! 

6 Tips For Writing Substitute Teacher Plans:

November Goals

Happy November 1st! A new month means it's time for me to set some new goals. First, lets review my October goals:
1. Exercise 20 times this month.
I almost completed this one. ALMOST. I had 19 workouts this month... so darn close. This was a really tough goal for me. I’m used to working out only 4 days a week. With the goal of doing 20 times a month, it forced me to workout one day every weekend. It was a challenge and it’s a goal I’m going to set for myself for November as well.
2. Use MyFitnessPal
I used my fitness pal almost everyday in October. I’m proud of that because it helped me get my eating habits on track! This is something I will continue to work at.
3. Organize my photo album.
I just completed this this week! I put together my wedding photo album finally! I even organized my 2016 pictures and put them into a different album. However... I realized that I only printed pictures through April of this year... So I included this to my goal for November as well.