4 Ways To Make The Most Of This 3 Day Weekend

1. Appreciate the Reason Behind the 3 Day Weekend
This weekend, most people have a 3 day weekend for Veterans Day. It's important to take a minute and appreciate why we have Friday off. In this case, its because its a way to say thank you to our veterans who have served in the military. 

2. Get Chores Done First!
This is crucial to having the best 3 day weekend possible. If you don't get chores done first then you are bound to have it weighing on you at some point throughout the weekend. I always start my weekend by cleaning our condo, doing laundry and going grocery shopping. It's so nice to get everything completed on my to do list right away. After I get the chores done, I know the rest of the weekend will be stress-free. 

3. Relax
I have a bad habit of jam-packing almost every weekend with activities. When you have a whole extra day off, make sure to take some time to relax. For me, that's reading in the hammock and binge watching shows on Netflix. For some, it may be going on a run, taking a bubble bath or just sleeping in. Whatever it is, make sure to set some time aside to relax and enjoy the extra day off. 

4. Do 1 Fun Activity or Something Out of the Ordinary 
As I said before, its easy to get caught up in the chores or all the things that you have to do. You have a whole extra day off, so make sure to do something fun. I always try to do one thing out of the ordinary that we wouldn't normally do on a regular short weekend. Maybe go to that place you've been dying to see that's a little far of a drive! Or see that movie you've been dying to see for weeks now. Just get out and do one thing exciting this weekend! 

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing and safe 3 day weekend. Do you have any plans for this long weekend? Share them with me in the comments below! 


  1. #1 is definitely the most important! Celebrating our veterans :)

  2. It's the BEST going into the weekend with chores already done instead of spending all weekend doing them. That is a great tip, lady! I look forward to reading future posts!


  3. I'll probably spend most of it doing laundry. What's new, right?

  4. #2 is such good advice! That way you can actually enjoy the rest of it!

  5. Great post for this weekend! Getting chores done first is truly the way I can enjoy the weekend fully so I will be doing that asap!

  6. Great reminder to remember and enjoy a 3 day weekend! Sometimes I take for granted that random extra day off and do chores... that's no fun!

  7. Thanks for the tip to do chores first! I have a huge list unfortunately since I moved recently so that may be my whole weekend!

  8. This is absolutely a good advice. I love the weekend chores.

  9. I definitely had a blast celebrating the three day weekend, but it was hard to see people not recognizing it for what it is. A lot of places went above and beyond to celebrate Veteran's Day, but some people were really disrespectful about it :/ It's bound to happen here and there. Either way, we had a great time. Hope you did too!

  10. I like your tip of getting done chores first! Really makes sense, you get it out of the way and you have extra time for other things.

    Rosalyn | LynSire.com

  11. I really love this tips! especially. "Get chores Done First" I have a hard time to find my focus on my chores